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Credit Card

Delhi-NCR, India

Basic Details

Salary Per Month: 5000

The eligibility criteria of a Credit Card applicant is as follows:


You should be at least 21 years old to apply for a credit card.​

Credit History​

Your credit score which is a function of your credit history such as repayment pattern of earlier loans, credit card limit utilisation, defaults in payment of EMIs, among other factors is very important determinant of your eligibility. ​

Monthly Income​

It should be at least ₹20,000. It varies from bank to bank.​

Self-Employed Applicants​

The business should be stable and must be able to demonstrate it profits with the help of audited financial statements.​


There may be other criteria set by lenders such as employer, profession, age, minimum salary amount, residence, official address, documentation required, etc.​

Documents Required :

Pan Card

Adhaar Card

Address Proof

3 month salary slip

Last 6 month bank statement

In case of card to card issuance, details of existing cards may be required.​

In case of self-employed individuals, audited financial statements and GST returns may be required.​

Terms & conditions :

Joining Fee​

Fee charged for issuing the credit card is known as joining fee. It is charged for the first year. Some banks don’t charge joining fee.​

Renewal Fees​

There is an annual renewal fee on the card after the first year.​


Billing cycles differ for every credit card issuer, and post the bill payment due date an interest of around 3-4% is charged on the balance outstanding. ​

Cash Withdrawal Fee​

Cash may be withdrawn from compatible ATMs using your credit card within a limit specified by the bank upon which a withdrawal fee is charged and interest is levied from the day of withdrawal. ​